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Mail Out - 28th January 2022


Welcome to my first ever mail out.

I am very excited to document thoughts, insights, processes and inspiration behind my art to share with you each week.

I wanted to try something different from my usual botanical focused drawings and reach back to my origins of portraiture.

I thought, 'let's keep a good thing going,' incorporate the two, and see what happens.

In between looking after my little 5 month old ray of sunshine and keeping the rest of my life in order, I was able to pump out 'Now That I've Found My Way Back From You.'

Above pictured are cheeky little fingers that pinch, scratch, grab and pull anything they can wrap themselves around.

Whilst living in Neutral Bay, Sydney, we were lucky to be surrounded by incredible tropical flora such as the vibrant hibiscus, of which I photographed at any opportunity. This forms the floral inspiration for 'Now That I've Found My Way Back To You.'

Drawing the human form and face can be challenging, as it is ever changing, but who doesn't like a good challenge.

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