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Mail Out - 9th February 2022

Hello My Sweet Valentines

Not that I'm into Valentines Day, or giving money to Hallmark, I just love you all ♥♥♥

This week, I've documented my resin process to share with you.

It's always a trick to get each pour correct, with every session further perfecting my technique.

The surface area must be completely flat and smooth to form the right base for the self levelling resin. If the print has not been mounted to the wooden panel correctly, it causes quite the headache 🤕

If I get each step right, the result is a popping, bright, hand crafted, ready to hang piece that defies the conventions of traditional framing, and sits wonderfully on the wall.

Please enjoy my process video below, and disregard my lame soundtrack with chipmunk voices.

Have any questions? Please feel free to shoot me a quick email

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